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Want to be part of a small but fast-growing team of digital innovators? We might just be the place for you.

Invanity Team

Global DIGITAL & DESIGN Agency.

As a rapidly growing agency, with clients based both in the UK and US, we’re always on the lookout for cutting-edge talent to join us.

We pride ourselves on being a transparent, data-driven organisation. It’s our mission to deliver results that truly make a difference to our clients’ bottom line – and so, we NEVER compromise on quality or passion. We’re united in an ethos of: “good enough will never cut it”.

data driven

We are a data-first agency and rely on quantitative insights to drive client results.

roi focused

We do everything with ROI at heart, because when our clients win, so do we.

fully transparent

We pride ourselves on being completely open and honest, even when it’s tough. 

clear communication

We make it easy for clients to understand progress, results and attribution.



 If you have the talent and drive to be digital marketing’s next pioneer, we want to hear from you. Obviously.



Mockups Design
Mockups Design


We’re on a mission to become the UK’s #1 digital marketing agency, uniting the industry’s finest talent under one roof.


Our goal has always been to build an environment where people share ambitions and are able to reach their full potential.

thriving partnerships

Whether it’s charities or household names, we’re passionate about projects that genuinely inspire and motivate our team.

Why does Invanity exist?

“I founded Invanity in 2019 with a vision of building the best digital marketing agency in the world. This vision has not changed and never will change.

“With every new team member and every new client, I feel even more passionate about what we can achieve. Marketing should be exciting. Creative should make you smile. Work should be more than just minutes on a clock. That’s why Invanity was founded.”  

Jack Kennedy | Founder 

To build an environment for talented people to explore their potential

“Marketing has always been something that pushes the limits and stretches the imagination. I want to build an agency that has the industry’s finest talent and most influential thinkers.”

To work with brands and individuals that excite or inspire us

“I want my team to enjoy their work and to feel a sense of purpose and aspiration that comes from this. Whether it’s charitable organisations or mainstream fashion brands, we want to work on projects that excite and inspire us.”


We believe that to attract the best talent, it takes more than just a great salary. Our company perks are carefully selected to ensure that every member of our team has the passion to champion the Invanity brand and buy into our culture.

Whether you’re a writer, creative, analyst or thinker, we want you to feel energised to bring your best with every deliverable. Here’s how we do that.

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We give you plenty of time to put your feet up. 28 days in fact.

birthdays off

Celebrate your special day in your own way – not in the office.


We take Christmas and the New Year off so the team can recharge their batteries.


8% pension contribution including 5% staff contribution.

Office Environment

Our office is a Grade II listed building nestled in the Bucks countryside with plenty of parking. 

Bonus Scheme

From entry to senior, performance-based bonuses are available at all levels.

Culture Events

Regular socials and corporate events with our bright, lively team.

Flexible Working

Remote, hybrid and in-office options are available, based on your role.

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