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BS Trailers Case Study


BS Trailer Services is the industry’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for HGV resources. Founded by Oliver Moore in 1997, the business has become a real authority in its industry, offering a popular range of rental packages, servicing and purchasing options for trucks and trailers. For over 25 years, BS Trailer Services have been known and loved by some of the UK’s biggest hauliers, with customers including Amazon, Royal Mail, Dominos, DHL and more. 


Break BS Trailer Services Into The Digital Market.

BS Trailer Services were one of the very first clients on Invanity’s books. They started working with us in mid-2020, as the Invanity brand began building a reputation locally. Jack approached founder and friend Oliver Moore with a proposal: to break BS Trailer Services into the digital market.

Oliver’s biggest challenge was seasonality. Q1 is always slow for the HGV truck and trailer rental market. We believed that better inbound marketing was the remedy he needed.

At first, Oliver was sceptical. At the time, BS Trailer Services was already a success – but Oliver knew there was an opportunity to be an early mover in the digital trailer rental market. He was right: the HGV industry was seriously behind the pace. His competitors weren’t – nor did they seem interested in – preparing for the future. Invanity and BS Trailer Services agreed that at some point, this would change. Rather than sit by idly, Oliver saw this as a huge opportunity to scale the business, and exponentially grow his profits and brand.


Increase in Web Users


Increase in Digital Leads


of enquiries are SQLs


Search Visibility Gap on Competitors


Right now, BS Trailer services is the most visible trailer and truck hire company on google, outranking its nearest competitors by nearly 20% in visibility. But How?

To ensure that BS Trailer Services was in a position to increase search visibility and boost their organic traffic, we needed to apply some serious TLC to the website, and build a niche digital strategy from scratch. We set out to develop and optimise a brand new, UX-friendly website based on key search terms identified in a search audit, like “trailer hire”, “HGV hire” and more specific, targeted phrases like “curtainsider trailer hire”. Invanity also focused the business on becoming a more digital-friendly brand, introducing brand guidelines, designing a sleek new look for the company and running targeted social media campaigns that added an extra edge to their digital transformation.


Within three days of the site going live, it hit the sky. We ranked #1 for a range of our priority keywords and skyrocketed above four key competitors. The secret formula? Good, clean SEO. We’d just got the basics right: great content, superb on-page optimisation and engaging, user-friendly design. At the same time, we worked hard to improve site health, core web vitals and canonical tagging, ensuring the website was able to sustain continued spikes in traffic and organic leads long into the future.

BS Trailers SEO graph.

The result? A surge in online contacts for the business. In March, April and May 2020 BS Trailer Services were averaging 1.8 contacts a month. They now create over 180, allowing Oliver to be more selective with longer-term hire enquiries, and ensure that his contracts cover those quieter periods in January and February.

What Next?

BS Trailers are now seeing month-over-month increases in organic leads and revenue. Their growth has become so prevalent, that we’ve had to install a custom HubSpot setup to ensure the effective management of all their enquiries and give their sales teams more control over incoming leads.

As part of this migration, we’re helping the BS Trailers sales team evolve, training them to use HubSpot effectively, writing new core sales messaging and developing an integrated lead generation strategy to maximise enquiries and profits.

Our focus is also broadening, with BS Trailer Services now looking to increase their stake in the trailer sales market, the same way they had done with rental enquiries. So far, this project has been highly successful and we are on track to meet our annual goals earlier than expected. Long-term our efforts are towards helping BS Trailers grow in all areas of their business. It’s the full package.

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Oliver Moore - BS Trailer Services

Managing Director

Quote Marks The results are overwhelming

 “The results are overwhelming”

I can’t believe what a difference Jack and his team at Invanity have made to our online marketing. The results are overwhelming, and as a result we now employ a full time member of staff just covering our website enquiries. This has resulted in better utilisation of our fleet and increased profit.

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