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oaks property management

From Concept to Creativity: Designing a Property Management Brand for the Modern Market.
Oaks Property Management


Oaks is a Sarasota-based property management agency providing bespoke leasing services for both landlord and tenant/s. Founded in 2023 with the acquisition of a number of properties on Florida’s Suncoast, Oaks was born to provide stress-free residential handling – helping landlords find long-term occupants, and helping residents live comfortably.


Create a stylish, recognisable brand design that would build the foundations for Oaks Property Management long-term.

Oaks Property Managements came onto Invanity’s radar as a blank canvas. In February 2023, founder Neil Ferguson requested an initial scope of work to help move the Oaks brand into the market. They had only just closed the deal on a selection of properties in Sarasota and required a slick new brand to help them hit the ground running with client acquisition.

Neil was immediately open to our interpretation of what the Oaks brand should be – how it should live and position itself in the market. Having worked closely with Invanity during his tenure as Director of Operations at InsideOut, Neil knew our processes well and felt confident in our ability to take the reins from the get-go.  

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The Full Story

While a blank canvas meant we had the freedom to experiment, design is subjective - and we were eager to impress.

Unlike some of our previous branding projects, there were no existing logos, fonts, colours or guidelines to pull from. We knew from the outset that this truly upped the ante. Our creative team had to feel inspired and develop a final product that not only stood the test of time but remained contextually relevant, despite our limited brief.

We started from scratch, drawing influence from Florida’s ambience and its connection as the ‘Sunshine State’. Incorporating differing shades of pastel blue and tones of bright yellow, we began creating a colour palette that represented Floridian skies and sandy beaches. Bright primary colours were avoided to retain a corporate, cool and contemporary feel. White smoke and matte black were then selected as achromatic tones used to accentuate the signature colours on branded materials and business cards.

Once we had a beautiful colour palette in place, and with the team feeling suitably inspired, we started researching typography. Again, we were looking for something that felt modern and tasteful, without cliche. Something that bridged the gap between our cold, corporate real estate competitors and a Floridian surf shop. We carefully designed a selection of 20 logos with different fonts on a ‘brand board’ which was then sent to Neil for final selection.

As a collective, we agreed that Abril Display was the right choice, offering a contemporary feel while exuding boldness in our prominent signature colours. We chose Apparat as our body font – a thin, light and enticing typeface that was clear and easy to read. The final product achieved exactly what we had set out to do: a cool, clean-cut brand that subtly nodded to the Sunshine Coast without any cringe. It was then packaged in a slick brand guideline, offering simple and accessible stylistic directions for those looking to work with the brand for years to come. 

What Next?

Oaks Property Management is looking to kick off its official digital marketing in 2024, and Invanity has signed on to stand with them at every step in their new journey. 

Armed with our stylish branding, we have been commissioned to deliver a full website build and integrated marketing strategy to attract both new tenants and landlord clients. They’ve started to see some success before we’ve even truly got stuck in – filling all of their current properties with long-term tenancies. Isn’t it funny what great branding can do?

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Neil Ferguson





I’ve worked with the team at Invanity on a number of projects, within companies I’ve been employed by and my own start-up. Regardless of the project’s size or the client’s long-term potential, the team brings relentless professionalism and market-leading processes to the table.

In my experience, this has resulted in consistently successful outcomes across deliverables that have ranged from initial branding and positioning to on-going digital services encompassing website development, cutting-edge SEO strategies, and the positive leveraging of social media channels.

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