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Invanity is a powerhouse for web design, helping businesses across B2B, B2C and eCommerce markets engage their target audiences with flair and finesse.

We create truly memorable websites that provide seamless user experiences, fierce search performance and compelling brand delivery. Our team go the extra mile with web design, content and optimisation, ensuring that your site performs as good as it looks.

Building The #1 Recruitment Agency website in the UK.

Our mission was simple: build a new digital home for Corriculo and their brand, driving increased net-new leads from both candidates and clients.

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Back the right horse. Invanity web design services are agile, adaptable and results-focused.

SEC Website

Service evaluation concepts

After over 35 years in the mystery shopping industry, and with no marketing since 2001, Service Evaluation Concepts needed a new digital presence – and fast.

Pearl Logic case study cover image

pearl logic

Slow site blocking conversions? No problem. With our transformative technical and speed optimisations, Pearl Logic’s existing site reached unmatched performance highs.

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Website innovation moves incredibly quickly. If you’re looking to change core messaging, freshen up design, or undertake broader digital marketing activities, it may be time for a rebuild – especially if your site is over five years old. 

On the flip side, if you’re just looking to speed up performance, add increased functionality or integrations and freshen up content, an upgrade is a perfectly viable option. Reach out to our team today to arrange a quick, 10-minute consultation. We’ll advise you on the best option based on your requirements.

There’s no standard pricing for an Invanity web build. It can range from £5,000 to £30,000+ depending on the size, scope and nature of your project. As you add additional pages, content and complex functionalities such as eCommerce, CRM or booking system integrations, naturally, the pricing will rise. 

Pricing will also depend on the brand development commitments, strategic messaging and ongoing involvement of the Invanity team, alongside all relevant tracking, hosting and integration requirements.

On average full web builds take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete, depending on the size, scope and nature of the project. For sites with vast integrations and niche demands, the development time is likely to increase.

We ask for a minimum of ten hours input over a six to 12 week period from the client. This will primarily involve front-loaded (resource collection, theme and project scope) and rear-end (approvals, changes, tracking and integrations) obligations, but can be adjusted based on how much you’re prepared to commit. 

We’re happy to walk you through the entire process, and equally happy to be left to our own devices – whatever works best for you.

Our web developers work primarily with WordPress, Shopify and HubSpot, but are experienced across all major CMS platforms.
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